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ElectSure Online Training lets election workers train anytime, anywhere.

What is ElectSure Online Training?

ElectSure Learning provides custom online election training solutions that bring accessibility, scalability, and consistency to your election training efforts.  Online training perfectly complements traditional classroom instruction and provides the resiliency many jurisdictions lacked during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In recent years, elections officials have been challenged by cyber security and public health threats, new, more advanced election technology, and significant changes in election law and policy.  Communicating how these changes impact voting to mitigate disinformation has never been more important.  

ElectSure partners with election officials to help them stay a step ahead of these challenges by providing custom, interactive, role-based training that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Delivers Consistency

Online training from ElectSure Learning ensures consistent training, by the elimination of variables.  

Training content is developed to each jurisdictions specific priorities and updated to ensure learning objectives are met. 

Learners receive identical instruction, tailored to accommodate multiple learning styles and reinforced with online assessments and exercises, to ensure the highest level of equity in your training program.

Accessible Anytime

The effectiveness of in-person training is reliant on the availability of your trainer, a training facility, and the ability of your trainees to attend.  Many jurisdictions struggled to effectively provide in- person training in 2020, exposing themselves to significant risk.

ElectSure Online Training provides highly accessible training to anyone with an email address and an internet connection.  Learners can choose to  train when it is convenient for them. 

ElectSure will improve poll worker retention and overall  training effectiveness, as well as saving you time and money by reducing the amount spent on training facilities, printed materials and staffing.


ElectSure views every customer as a partner. 

Our success comes only through your success, so we work hard to ensure we are always aligned and working on your highest priorities.  If things are not right, we work with you to make them right.

To that end, we provide detailed reporting on the effectiveness of your online training as measured against your specific goals.  Our team will be accountable for making online training an organizational strength.

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