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ElectSure Online Training

ElectSure’s Online Training platform provides all the tools you need to make your training easier for people to access, and easier for you to  measure how effectively you achieved your overall training objectives.

Through our feature rich platform, learners can access training content specific to their roles.  Administrators can communicate in real time with learners on important updates.  Our documentation library allows you to provide media as needed. 

Our automated email engine automatically manages your learners attendance by notifying learners who are falling behind in their training.  Data can be shared with 3rd party payroll or employee management systems, as required.

We understand each election jurisdiction is unique in the way it conducts elections.  ElectSure Learning works closely with our clients to develop content that maps to each jurisdiction’s unique processes and procedures. Including your people and familiar locations into our training content helps to drive adoption and create a sense of community.  This translates into more effective content that your learners will identify with and drive better participation and more predictable results.

 ElectSure Learning’s understanding of election technology and administrative processes allows us to create truly comprehensive training solutions.  Our role-based user permission structure allows us to provide the right mix of content to the right people, and the right time.  Content and roles can be managed easily with the appropriate permissions by you, including branching capabilities that provide multiple learning paths to job-specific content.

ElectSure has developed content in the following areas:

  • Election Day 
  • Opening and Closing of the Polls
  • COVID-19 Best Practices
  • Election Law Updates
  • Early Voting Process and Procedures
  • Setting up the Polling Place
  • Positive Communication and Voter Engagement
  • Assisting Voters with Disabilities
  • Electioneering
We look forward to working with you to develop programs that meet you needs and enhance your training. 

ElectSure Learning's Approach

The most effective learning programs are created as a collaboration between the ElectSure Learning team and election officials and trainers. Our approach is based on proven best practices for creating and administering election learning solutions.

Here are the steps in our process:

  • Meet with election officials and trainers to understand all requirements, identify critical priorities, and discuss any special needs
  • Review all current training materials
  • Configure ElectSure OT website to meet your needs and brand to client requirements
  • Work with instructional designers to develop a storyboard and design document which outlines the content and corresponding audio, video, images, assessments, and animations that will be used
  • Once sign-off is obtained, regular meetings will be scheduled to preview, edit and approve content along the way
  • A list of learner emails will be imported and an email announcing that the training is available will be sent out
  • Every action by learners is recorded so that reports can be generated

Leveraging Data

Access to data is critical to measuring effectiveness.  ElectSure offers a variety of out-of-the-box reports that provide a clear view into each learner’s use of the platform, comprehension of the content, and areas for improvement.  The ElectSure Learning team works with each client to leverage our robust reporting features to create automated communications and social gamification opportunities that drive participation and turn the data we collect into a lever to help you maximize your training’s effectiveness.


Security in elections has never been more important then right now.  ElectSure’s Online Training platform is hosted in Amazon’s Web Services GovCloud which meets Department of Defense (SGR) Impact Levels 2, 4, and 5 compliance for data protection.  Amazon’s hosting facilities provide the highest levels of physical security to prevent unauthorized access to data center facilities.  ElectSure  encrypts all network communications and all actions in the system are logged by user and date and time stamped.  In addition, ElectSure Learning works with each client to establish email communication protocols to ensure malicious actors cannot socially hack, via email or otherwise, either organization to gain unauthorized access to the training system.

Technical Features

ElectSure Online Training platform offers the technical features elections officials are looking for, including: 

  • Certification management
  • Customized reporting
  • Competencies management
  • Skills management
  • Test and quiz engine
  • Mobile-ready
  • Document repository
  • Role-based access control
  • Closed caption
  • Learner transcripts
  • Social and Web 2.0
  • Real-time tracking metrics
  • HTML 5
  • SCORM compliance
  • Up to 25 languages
  • Social gamification
  • Customer assignments by topic
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